Agenda Thursday 11 June 2015, 7 p. m. Pierre Fire Station 4

Pierre Amateur Radio Club – WØPIR


Thursday 11 June 2015, 7 p. m.

Pierre Fire Station 4


Call to Order – President Tam


Moment of Silence for Departed Hams

KCØWVF, Jim Ward, May 9, 2015

Introduction of members – each member


Secretary’s Report – Secretary John


Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Greg


Old Business

Report: Storage Trailer on Tower Road (Randy).


Boy Scout Weather Event: This was held on May 26, 2015. PARC held a special meeting at Fire Station 4 at 6:30 p.m. This event allowed Pierre area Boy Scouts to see the weather watch activities of the Club. Participating were: N0NPO, Greg Bond; AA0LY, Tam Gatje; WB0RJH, Greg Hall; KC0OCH, Karen Richart; KD0S, Jim Zahradnicek; and N0PIZ, John Opp. A mock tornado event was held with Greg B, Greg H, Karen and Tam dispatched to different areas of town with a couple of scouts each to show them what happens when hams are dispatched to watch locations. Jim Z maintained watch at Station 4, also with observing scouts. The “storm” tracking began when the storm was about 15 miles west of Ft. Pierre and was designated as a line of storms that could produce tornadoes. All the participants thought the exercise was fun and interesting and helped show the scouts some of the aspects of storm watching and reporting. Thank you to all that participated.


New Business

Field Day: This year’s field day will be June 27 – 28. Pierre Field Day Notes: Field Day is always the fourth full weekend in June, this year on June 27 – 28.  It will be held at Capitol Heights Baptist Church, 1720 E. Highway 14 & 83 in Pierre. There will also be a testing session at Field Day so plan to upgrade your license if possible. We will do some planning on field day at this meeting.


Future Presentations: Who would like to do a presentation for next month or later this year? Possible topics: Antennas (on any band), propagation and what it means; Solar Activity and what it means to amateur radio; contesting how and why; anything else ham related that you are interested in supporting. Email Tam to tell him which you would like to do.


Other New Business








  • PARC 2015 dues are due. They are STILL only $24 per year. Perhaps you’ve been wondering how to pay your dues. Well, either at the PARC meeting or you may mail them to:

Greg Bond, Treasurer

2829 Buhl Avenue

Pierre, SD 57501

  • June 27 – 28, 2015 ARRL Field Day.

·         07/10/2015 | 52nd International Peace Garden Hamfest

Location: Dunseith, ND
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: ND ARRL Section Manager – W0ND

·         07/11/2015 | MAGIC TAILGATER

Location: Roseville, MN
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: MAGIC Repeater Group

  • June 13 – 15, June VHF Contest

The second full weekend in June. Begins 1800 UTC Saturday, runs through 0259 UTC Monday (June 13-15, 2015).

For amateurs in the US and Canada (and their possessions) to work as many amateur stations in as many different 2 degrees x 1 degree Maidenhead grid squares as possible using authorized frequencies above 50 MHz. Stations outside the US & Canada (and their possessions) may only work stations in the US (and its possessions) and Canada.

Stations in KH0-9, KL7 & KP1-KP5, CY9 and CY0 count as W/VE stations and can be worked by DX stations for contest credit.

See for details.

·         09/26/2015 | North Dakota State Convention (RRRA Hamfest)

Location: West Fargo, ND
Type: ARRL Convention pending Executive Committee approval
Sponsor: Red River Radio Amateurs

Ham Related News:


ARES Operators: Do NOT Miss Field Day

ARRL Field Day is the flagship emergency/disaster/public event training exercise. Miss it at great expense to your annual training regimen. It is held annually on the fourth weekend of June – this year, June 27-28.

ARRL Field Day is the most popular (and in my opinion, the most fun) on-the-air event held annually in the US and Canada. More than 35,000 radio amateurs gather with their clubs, groups or simply with friends to operate from remote locations, ideally outdoors in a true field.

The experience and training gained from transporting your radios and antennas to the field, setting them up, using them as you would in an emergency/disaster/public event, troubleshooting problems, deriving efficiencies and effectiveness, and learning lessons and fixes to be applied for the next time, are more valuable than any other training exercise, class or manual.

Activate for June’s Field Day and make yourself a better public service field operator for yourself, your ARES member-team mates, and the public safety agencies and public event organizers and managers we work with during the rest of the year. See the June issue of QST for more information on this year’s Field Day, including the rules and scoring. And lastly, have a ball! – K1CE [From ARRL ARES E-Letter for March 18, 2015]


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  1. Larry Cairncross says:

    My off-road club is having a rally with Deadwood as base and using trails in BLM area where other similar rallies are held. I am looking for a little local help as to which repeaters cover the area and are currently operational and available for our use during the period Sept 12-26, 2016.

    Thank you, Larry Cairncross KD5GJC, 858-204-3282

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