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  • 7 AM Central – Morning Weather Net – 3960 kHz – Every morning except Sunday.
  • 12:15 PM Central (1:00 PM Central on Sundays) – NJQ Noon Net – 3870 kHz 
  • 6:00 PM Central (5:30 PM Central during winter) – NEO Evening Net -3860 kHz.
  • 9:00 AM Central – Sunday Emergency Net. – Sundays only – 3960 kHz


Your South Dakota Link net is held each Wednesday at 9:00 PM central time o­n the South Dakota link. Depending o­n your location you can check in o­n o­ne of the following repeaters.

The South Dakota Amateur Radio Council operates a linked repeater system that covers much of South Dakota which is known as SD-Link..   Our local area link to the system is the W0SD repeater on Turkey Ridge at 444.975 with a tone of 146.2.  It is continuously linked with all SD-Link repeaters across the state of SD.

These frequencies are what the repeaters use. For example, the Sioux Falls UHF transmits on 444.825 so you’d have to listen on that frequency and transmit on 449.825. (Updated 02/25/2019)

Sioux Falls UHFUHF RPTR444.825449.825146.2
UHF LINK447.075442.075103.5
Turkey Ridge UHFUHF RPTR444.975449.975146.2
UHF LINK447.075442.075103.5
UHF RPTR442.075447.075103.5
TorontoVHF RPTR146.775146.175146.2
UHF LINK447.075442.075103.5
UHF LINK447.000442.000146.2
Watertown UHFUHF RPTR442.000447.000146.2
Wessington SpringsVHF RPTR147.345147.945146.2
UHF RPTR444.65449.65151.4
UHF LINK E447.075442.075103.5
Crandall HillVHF RPTR146.79146.19146.2
UHF LINK449.65444.65151.4
RelianceVHF RPTR146.94146.34146.2
UHF LINK E449.65444.65151.4
UHF LINK W448.45443.45103.5
MurdoVHF RPTR147.3147.9146.2
UHF RPTR443.45448.45103.5
PierreVHF RPTR146.73146.13146.2
UHF LINK448.45443.45103.5
PhilipVHF RPTR147.375147.975146.2
UHF LINK E448.45443.45103.5
UHF LINK W448.65443.65131.8
Terry PeakVHF RPTR147.030147.630146.2
UHF RPTR443.65448.65131.8
Rapid City                                                           
UHF RPTR444.750 449.750146.2
ColmanUHF Hub 443.225 448.225146.2