Field Day! Field Day!

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  1. Hi guys. Are you going to be transmitting from CHBC on the field day? If so what frequencies? You may recall me visiting you at the fire station with Bob Bogart last September. I’m the chap with the shortwave listening station. Got the capability to listen on VHF/UHF also.

    Given the 6hr time difference it might be a bit difficult but have picked up USA many times before so willing to give it a go. Would send QSL report by email for confirmation.

    Anyway hope the field day goes well. Some great guys at CHBC and in a good position to attract other visitors, and to get a good signal!


    Graham Johnson, Bedworth, Warwickshire, England UK

    • Hi Graham,

      We will be operating from CHBC Field Day weekend. I don’t have any specific frequencies, but we will be on 20 meters and 40 meters mostly. I don’t believe we will have a VHF rig this year. You can contact us (here) again on Field Day and I’ll try to give you a specific frequency. Thanks for asking and best wishes! Rich K0PIR

      • Graham Johnson says:

        Hello Rich, Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve put the event in my diary.
        I’ll contact you on the day and see if I can hear you when I’ve fired up the HF receiver.

        I can still recall my visit to your meeting. There was a demo of some messaging software.

        All good fun.

        Will be in touch.


  2. Graham Johnson says:

    Hi guys. What time are you transmitting on Saturday? I will b from around 3pm UK time (9am your time) till early evening (mid day in Pierre) then anytime after 9pm here which will be your afternoon

    same on Sunday really.

    Hoping to pick you up on the HF receiver. Worth a try I think. I will search on 20 and 40metres for you.

    Anyway hope the field day goes well.

    Graham Johnson Central England UK.

    • Thank you for the comment. We may not be setup early enough for you on Saturday, but Sunday we will be transmitting in the morning. Hope to hear you on.

      • Graham Johnson says:

        You won’t hear me, but I hope to hear you. I’ve only got a listening station. If you’re going to be on later on Saturday I could stay up late over here!

        Will you be using a special call sign?


        • Yes we will be operating late on Saturday and we’ll be using the club callsign W0PIR. Thanks Graham, best wishes!

          • Graham Johnson says:

            Been listening since approx 1600 GMT until 1800 GMT and am listening now. 20m is dead here and 40 m swamped by a European contest so not much hope of picking up USA with my set up. Unless youre pointing in my direction and have a specific frequency.. Will be on late over here though, and can try again tomorrow. Must look at getting better antenna! Say hi to Bob Bogart from me!

  3. Graham Johnson says:

    Hi guys,

    Didn’t manage to pick you up here but will keep an eye on your future events and maybe listen in to some of your regular nets and see if I can hear you.

    I trust the field day was a success and it got more folk interested in ham radio. I’ve often thought of taking the exam myself. Maybe I should eh?

    Anyway will close now. Bob Bogart sent me a photo of your antenna.



    • Hi Graham,

      Yes unfortunately we did not hear any EU stations and only a few DX. So you probably couldn’t hear us. Bands were crowded, but we managed. We mainly worked 20 and 40 meters and some 6 meters. I’m sure you would really enjoy getting your ticket, it’s great fun. Thanks for listening and it’s great to hear from you. I’ll send this to Bob. 73 Rich K0PIR

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