Pierre Amateur Radio Club – WØPIR Agenda Thursday October 8, 2015, 7 p. m. Pierre Fire Station 4

Call to Order – President Tam


Moment of Silence for Departed Hams


Introduction of members – each member


Secretary’s Report – Secretary John


Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Greg


Old Business

Report: Storage Trailer on Tower Road (Randy).


Hospital Radio: We will continue discussion of having a “radio room” at the hospital, what we are willing to commit to for time, equipment and personnel. I have an appointment with hospital personnel and will report on the results.


Simulated Emergency Test: The 2015 Simulated Emergency Test (SET) was held on Saturday, October 3. Jim, KD0S, the Section Emergency Coordinator for South Dakota kicked off the SET by initiating several messages. Messages were passed on HF and VHF. The VHF messages were both simplex and using SDLINK to cover much of South Dakota.  Pierre members participating were: KDØS, Jim; NØNPO, Greg; WBØRJH, Greg; AAØLY, Tam. If I missed anyone, please let me know.


New Business

Year End Items: We will discuss the meeting items for the final two months of 2015. To be decided is the agenda for the November and December meetings. Do members wish to have a meal for the end of the year or just a business meeting? Come with your ideas and comments. This needs to be decided this month.


Future Presentations: Who would like to do a presentation for next month or later this year? Possible topics: Antennas (on any band), propagation and what it means; Solar Activity and what it means to amateur radio; contesting how and why; anything else ham related that you are interested in supporting. Email Tam to tell him which you would like to do.


Appoint Nominations Committee: If you want to be on – or don’t, – be at the meeting to get your view considered.


Other New Business




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