BHARC Swap Fest

activitiesThis just sent to me via e-mail concerning the BHARC swap fest:

BHARC Swap Fest July, 13, 2013

The Black Hills Amateur Radio Club will be hosting its annual tail gate swap and equipment auction on July 13,2013 at the Club House located on Plymouth Drive, just off Radar Hill Road. The gate to the site should be open by 9:00 AM and we plan on being done by around noon. Bring any items you would like sell / swap and set up your display area (trunk, tail gate, your own table or on the ground). The following equipment is from the estate of Rick Guth (KC0RMQ) and will be offered for sale. The IC7800 will be sold by email auction which will begin a few weeks before the sale, details to provided shortly.


Ham Transcievers


IC706 MK2G


IC910 UHF/VHF multi-mode Transciever

Yeasu VX7R Transciever

Ham Transmitters

Hallicrafters HT-32A SSB xmitter

Hallicrafters HT-37 SSB transmitter

Communicatons Receivers

Drake R8B

Hallicrafters S-107

Hallicrafters S-108

Hallicrafters S-38C

Hallicrafters S-38D

Hallicrafters S-40A

Hallicrafters S-40B

Hallicrafters S-53A Rcvr

Hallicrafters S-85

Hallicrafters SX-101A

Hallicrafters SX-43

National NC-121

Realistic DX-302

Station Accessories

AH-4 tuner pieces

Diamond SX100 swr meter

Diamond SX400 SWR meter

Heathkit SB-604 Speaker

Heil ICM mic

Heil PR780 Mic

Icom HM 12 mic

Icom SM20 desk mic

Icom SM20 desk mic

Icom SP7 Speaker

Johnson Speedex bug

MFJ 554 code practice osc

MFJ 945E Mobile Tuner

Palstar AT1500DT

RS speaker pair & fuse block

Speaker in metal cabinet

Vectronics DL650M dry dummy load

Vibroplex &Vibrokey paddles

Power Supplies

Astron SS-30M 12v PS

Radio Shack 12v 10A PS

Radio Shack 22510 12vdc 25A ps


AOR AR8000

RS Pro 2042

RS Pro 2042

RS Pro 2042

RS Pro 2052

RS Pro 26

RS Pro 37

RS Pro 39

RS Pro 43

RS Pro 64

RS Pro 92

RS Trunking Pro-96

Uniden BC235xlt

Uniden BC95xlt


Cushcraft A50-6S 6 element 6m beam

Cushcraft D3W 12,17,30m rotatable dipole

Cushcraft D4 40,20,15,10 rotatable dipole

Cushcraft X7 7el 10,15,20 new beam in 2 boxes

Delta-4 Coax Switch

Diamond MX72N VHF – UHF Diplexer

DYMEK active marine whip ant

lots of scanner antennas

PD8040 80,40,15, wire dipole

R8 40-6m Vertical

RS 15-853 am loop

Yeasu G800DXA rotator and controller

Rohn 25 50ft / concrete base

coax – many various lengths


several boxes of misc items

various CQ magazines

various Monitoring Times magazines

various scanner oriented magazines

W5YI code course

Marine & CB

ALN200 Loran Navigator

Cobra CB

Cybernet marine cassette stereo

Hercules CB Marine

Lowrance depth finder

Marine direction finder

radar detector

Ray Jefferson Hailer

Enjoy the fun. 73 – Rich K0PIR

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